The Three Worst Myths About Credit Scores 06/01/2014


Finances are complicated; we aren’t taught about how they work in high school. They’re made much more complicated by the prevalence of absolute falsehoods. Some of the most dangerous myths about finances are told about credit scores: what they mean, how they work and how to best manage them. Here are the three worst offenders. (more…)

Payday Loans and Title Loans for the Struggling Consumer: Are They Helpful? 05/01/2014

Sign for payday loans

Recent economics have put a large majority of consumers in a place of struggle and confusion. It is seldom possible for the average American to be able to make it from one paycheck to the next without needing help. At the same time, many of those Americans are not able to receive the help due to a tarnished credit profile. (more…)

Is Your Credit Not As Good As It Should Be? Here Are Some Tips To Improve It 03/01/2014


Having bad credit can be very stressful. You will have a harder time getting approved for a credit card, personal loan or mortgage. You may also have a harder time getting a job. The good news is that there are a number of things that can be done to improve bad credit. Below are some tips that will help you boost your credit score. (more…)

The Various Types Of Loans Available For Small Business Owners 02/01/2014


Picking a financing option can be tough for small businesses. There are loans that are ideal for startup businesses, and there are loans that are only best for established businesses. To choose the proper loan, it helps to understand what options are available. (more…)

Managing debt related stress, putting debt in its place.


When a person talks about debt, you can see stress all over their face. The type of stress that an individual experiences when thinking about having an enormous debt, or when an individual is trying to figure out how to pay an enormous debt, can be overwhelming. Debt related stress completely, and totally, destroys an individual’s mental health and with time can damage their physical health. (more…)

Preparing to Buy your First Home: Establishing Good Credit

Couple buying a house

If you are planning to buy your first home, establishing a good credit history is a critical first step. All three credit bureaus in the United States keep track of your payment history, including past due and delinquent payments on credit cards, student loans, car loans and so on. Paying your bills on time will help you to establish a great credit history that will go a long way towards enabling you to qualify for a mortgage loan with a very competitive interest rate. (more…)

Bitcoin IRAs: Everything Old is New Again 13/12/2013


It seems that the economy is front and center in the news these days, or at least it seems that way for anyone paying attention to the American media. Since 2008, the dual hammer blows of the so-called Great Recession and the (more…)

How College Students can Re-Build Their Credit Rating 12/12/2013


College students usually graduate college with one of two extremes in their credit rating: very little credit, or a credit score so far in the hole you can’t see the bottom. Luckily for these students, there are ways to build credit that are open to anyone, no matter their credit score.


Government shutdown leaves people struggling to meet expenses. 19/10/2013


Nearly everyone will find themselves short of money at one time or another. Recently, a recession, budget cuts due to the sequester and government shutdown have found more and more people scrambling to meet expenses. (more…)

The Ins-and-Outs of an Unsecured Personal Loan 16/10/2013

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When a person goes about borrowing money without having to provide collateral for the funds, this is known as taking out an unsecured personal loan. Unlike a car or home loan, in which the vehicle or house acts like collateral, in the event that a person cannot pay back a personal unsecured loan, the only way for the lender to acquire back the borrowed funds is to take legal matters to garnish the borrower’s wages. It is important to keep in mind that an unsecured personal loan is meant to provide a person with cash for personal reasons, not business-related purposes.

Find out your Credit Score 14/10/2013

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Whether you are applying for a loan, buying a new car, or purchasing a home, your credit score counts. Even the major carriers for cell phone service require a credit check before you can really get down to the bones of business. (more…)

How To Deal With Student Loans 23/09/2013


Are you buried under student debt? Students regularly graduate from a four-year university with upwards of $30,000 in debt to Sallie Mae from their student loans. Private universities and technical schools often cost even more, and for those students that progress on into graduate school or focus on their doctoral degrees, the rates are even higher. As the joke goes, a student attends college to get a good job to pay off their college debt.


Willow Loans new Updates 20/09/2013

Willow loans launches new and improved matching technology that helps users connect with the right lender.

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