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No longer do you need to spend hours online trying to find your ideal loan. Take just a few minutes to tell us about your lifestyle and budget, and Willow Loans will match you with one of today’s premiere lenders. Even if you have blemishes on your credit report, we will find a loan that will put you back in control of your finances. Loans of $20000 or more will be available to you within days. Should we be unable to provide you with a personal loan opportunity, we will work with you to locate an installment loan or short-term loan that can provide speedy relief for your budget. When you are ready to apply, please complete the form above and we’ll begin our search for your perfect loan.

What You Should Know About Your APR

The lenders in our network provide loans with annual percentage rates (APRs) that range from 4.999% to 35.80%. The APR of your loan is comprised of nominal charges, interest, and fees that are included your loan amount. Generally speaking, loans with higher interest rates are for lower amounts and shorter repayment times, while loans with lower APRs are for higher loan amounts and longer repayment periods.

Loan Example: Loan Amount $3500, APR 8%, Loan Terms (Months) 36, Monthly Payment $109.68, Total Interest Paid $448.48

Willow Loans is not a lender, only your lender can provide specific information about your loan terms.

If you do not qualify for a personal loan then you may be offered an installment loan or short term loan. Short-term loans with higher interest rates should not be used for long-term financial solutions, but should instead be considered only for brief periods of time.

Loans lasting sixty days or fewer are regarded as short-term. In order to avoid taking out high-interest loans more than necessary, individuals with extended financial difficulties should contact a professional credit counsellor.

In The Event You Are Unable To Repay Your Loan

Should you fail to submit a payment as required by your loan terms, there are several actions that your lender may take. You may be assessed late fees and have your payment history disclosed to a credit-reporting agency. These actions have an effect on your credit score and your account may be submitted to a collections agency. The lender might provide an extension or offer the opportunity to renew or refinance your loan. There may be additional fees associated with these options.

Interest, Fees and other Implications: It is imperative that you review the provisions in your loan agreement regarding late or missed payments. Operating practices for delinquent payments vary from lender to lender but may include higher interest rates, late fees and other charges. Make sure that you understand these practices before accepting your loan.

Collection Practices: Your loan may be turned over to a collection agency if you do not repay your loan. Every lender’s collection practices are different and you must consult your loan agreement for details.

Loan Renewal: Your lender may offer loan extensions and renewals if you submit a late or partial payment, or if you miss a payment. These extensions and renewals sometimes require additional fees and may be automatic in the event a payment is tardy. Your lender will have its own repayment policies, but they must comply with applicable state laws

How Late Payments Affect Your Credit Score: Before you sign loan documents, look over your lender’s credit reporting policies. Your credit rating may be lowered if your lender reports that you have missed or submitted late payments.

At any point during the loan process you may ask your lender to explain for you the implications of non-payment. Because Willow Loans is not a lender, we are unable to describe the specific repayment options for your loan.

In the nutshell, if you are looking for a place from where you can get online personal loans for people with bad credit, installment loans for people with bad credit or short term loans for poor credit, in that case, please contact Willow Loans.

If you have a question about how the site works, bad credit payday loan lenders, installment loans, fast online payday loans, you may find the answer in our FAQ section.

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The owner of this website is not a direct lender. The terms and conditions of any loan varies by the lender, state and the applicants level of qualification. Accounts that become delinquent, or have loan payments that were not received, could see increased fees & an increase in interest rates. Not all the lending partners offer as much as a $20,000, and not all loan candidates will be approved for the loan amounts they request. A loan payback period can differ from different lenders and states in the United States of America. Cash Lenders can use a collection service to attempt to recover missed payments of any loans.