Improving Your Credit Score is Easier than You Think


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Your credit score seems like it is this mysterious abstract number that all of a sudden dictates your quality of life as soon as you become an adult.  It can drastically impact your world by dictating whether or not you can get a mortgage or what your interest rates may be for a loan.  This is because it indicates the likeliness that you can pay the bank back.  If you want to do things like buy a car or start a business, you need a good credit score.

Once it has dropped, it often feels like there is no way to improve a credit score. Worry not, it is possible.  In order to do this, it is best to first understand what factors that can impact your credit score. Some factors are:

  • current credit
  • payment history
  • new credit applications
  • history/payments/negative marks
  • current debt
  • number of inquiries

Yes, the act of checking your score just to be safe and responsible can negatively impact your score.  If you are aware of these factors from an early stage, it can prevent many issues.  That said, whether it is due to lack of education or unforeseen circumstances, life happens and you should not have to suffer from then on.  If past actions are haunting you and prevent you from enjoying your present, there are steps you can take to improve a low credit score quickly and get your life back on track.

  1. Dispute: Mistakes are made and can be contested online.  Sometimes original creditors won’t respond to inquiries and marks will be removed.  You can also negotiate for forgiveness.
  2. Combine: Consolidate all cards into one by calling the company and seeing it this option is available.  Only do so if the credit limit stays the same.
  3. Use it or lose it: While it seems counter intuitive, you have to pay your bills every month so use a credit card.  As long as you do it responsibly you will reap the benefits of the card while also building credit.  Moderation is key.

Finances are hard.  That is why so many people struggle.  It may seem impossible, but do not lose hope.  There are many ways to get it and, as a result, your life back on track.

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